Conditions on entry

Participants are allowed to participate if they’re 16+ years of age, paid their participation fee and agree to the terms and conditions of participation in Begach events.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by their parents at all times!



In order to participate, you’ll need a bike that is in good condition and comlies with article 79 of the Bulgarian road laws and it has:

  • breaks;
  • bell;
  • front and back reflective elements;
  • white or yellow reflective elements on the wheels;
  • water bidon;
  • helmet

The participants must carry a phone, fully charged with the number they entered during registration.


We won’t allow participants:

  • Without helmet

  • With non-functioning bikes;

  • With no breaks (fixies or BMX)


Movement in a group

The ride will be split in 3 groups – fast (25 km/h), middle(20km/h) and slow (12-15 km/h)

Before the first and after the last cars there will be lead and sweep cars.

There will be marshals on bikes that will be responsible for the safety of everyone.



There will be no race ranks, winners or awards.



The organisers have provided transport from Sofia to the start and from the finish to Sofia.


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There is a limit to 200 participants.

The whole amount of the registration fee will be donated.

Biketour Srednogorie is the perfect event, to discover the biking with you and your family.


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