Day event rules

Please read it with attention!

Transport from Sofia

We expect all participants starting from Sofia to be NO LATER THAN 6:00 at Sofia NORTH Train Station. The train will leave at 7:25 and we need time to load and secure bicycles. At the station you will receive a start package with number for the bike (with fasteners should be tied to the handlebar). You’ll get a sticker with the same number for the helmet, which is obligatory for all. There will be a bonus sticker for the bike frame so you can follow the progress of the ride, while on the bike. After you put your bike with a number, you need to carry it to the bike train car (there will be 4 bike cars). We’ve setup the private train only for the participants of the tour. Even though the train is only for the tour participants, please do not leave your belongings, since we can not guarantee for them. Always carry your phone with you during the ride.  

Transport from Pirdop to Gorna Malina

We expect all participants leaving from Pirdop, NO LATER THAN 6:30 in front of the bus station. Busses leave at 7:15.

Start in Gorna Malina

Start of the ride is at 10:00 at the pedestrian square of the town in front of the Municipality, GPS coordinates 42.693944, 23.706194. Please be there at 8:00 if you come directly so you can get your start number. You can use the toilets at the Gorna Malina Municipality building.  

Ride safety

Note! Above anything else, do follow the road laws! Do not attempt anything on the ride that you wouldn’t do if riding alone! For your safety there will be velo-marshalls and bike marshals with motorcycles. Velo marshals will be members of Begach club that will be with yellow jerseys. Please ask them for assistance and follow their guide.  

Faster and slower groups

For easy split and safety, the velo-marshalls will split fast and slow group. The fast one will be with 20-22 km/h speed. The slow one – 12-15 km/h. It is not recommended to ride outisde of the groups! Before and after each group there will be marshalls. If you’re not sure where do you belong, start with the quick one and if you’re tired after the first checkpoint, wait for the 2nd one. If you or a fellow rider can’t keep up with the tempo, or you’re not feeling well, please wait for the riders to move over and you’ll be picked up with transport after the last participant.  

Mechanic and support

Please make sure your bike is in top condition. We’ll have a mechanic that will be moving after the last rider and can assist you if you need help.. Do carry a spare tire and everything you need for a tire change. If you have trouble with the bike, please stray off the road and wait for help.


We’re expecting 30+ degrees temperature, so please fill your water bidons on every checkpoint. The’re at 11 km, 35 km (after a long descend), 40 km and at the finish line. We’ll have isotonic beverages, water, fruit and sweets.

Finish and return to Sofia

After the finish in Zlatitsa, you’re welcome for a grill and beer party kindly provided by our partners at Aurubis. We’ll wait for the last rider to arrive, so we can load the trucks and head back to Sofia. !!!The train does not stop in Gorna Malina on the way back!!!

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